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How do you tell the quality of solar panels in henan

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In the process of transportation, transportation and installation, solar panels are easy to be trampled and hit, causing hidden dangers that cannot be detected by the components and greatly affecting the functions of the components. So how do you tell if a solar panel is good or bad? The small unit of henan solar panel shares below, hoping to help you.

1. Look at the surface of toughened glass. In order to improve the production speed, small manufacturers often drop silica gel on the surface of toughened glass, which will reduce the power generation efficiency of the panels.
2. Watch the soldering of solar cells. Some small manufacturers to save costs, using the broken cell welded together, the battery components there is a big risk, if the battery slice of stitching is bad, easy to disconnect again late, affect the use of the whole panels. Large manufacturers adopt the battery chip welding method, welding firm, orderly arrangement.
Look at the back. Look at the quality of pressure on the back, there is no unevenness after pressure, such as bubbles, folds and so on.
Look at the border. Many small manufacturer with the method of artificial playing box, because of the unequal artificial every time frame's strength, a good frame contact close degree also differ, not qualified as a rectangular, solid degree also sell at a discount greatly.
Look at silicone. See whether the silicon around the back is evenly distributed, and whether it is closely infiltrated into the gap between the back plate and the border.
Look at the junction box. Whether the cover of the junction box can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box; Whether the outlet wire lock can rotate freely, can be tightened.

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