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Henan solar photovoltaic panel teaches you to check and maintain it

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When a solar photovoltaic panel runs for a long time, we need to check and maintain it. How do you check and maintain it? The small unit of henan solar photovoltaic panel will share with you, hoping to help you.

1. Keep the lighting surface of the solar cell assembly square array clean. If there is dust, clean wire dusters can be used to clean it. If there is dirt that cannot be cleaned off, you can use clean water to wash it, and then use a clean cloth to wipe off the stain. Do not use solvent with corroded parts or wipe with hard objects. In case of snow, clean up in time.
2. The metal support of solar panel square matrix shall be inspected regularly for corrosion, and the support shall be painted regularly for anti-corrosion treatment. Square brackets shall be well grounded.
3. The photoelectric parameters and output power of the solar panel square array shall be tested regularly (for example, 1-2 months) in use to ensure the normal operation of the battery square array.
In 4, use regularly (such as 1 ~ 2 months) check the assembly and the connections of the solar panel connector, such as found that does packaging glue water, battery discoloration and loose connection, off-line, corrosion, etc., should be timely for repair or replacement.
5. For solar cell square bracket with automatic tracking system of polar axis, check the mechanical and electrical performance of tracking system regularly.

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