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Can you install solar panels in your home? Shanxi solar panels tell you

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Recently received a house of his own customer advice can install solar panels, solar panels, shanxi small make up on these issues compiled some information share to you, hope to be of help.

If your home is a self-built house, and the house property ownership certificate is complete, you can directly bring the original and copy of your id card, residence booklet and property ownership certificate to the power grid company to apply for the Internet connection. After the grid issues the grid-connected access plan, the photovoltaic power station can be purchased for installation.
If your home is the city village, because the village collective roof belongs to the owner, so in addition to the need to communicate with property, also need to communicate with all the building owner, and they signed consent, to carry the relevant certificate to the power grid companies submit an application for interconnection.
If your house is a villa area, you need to communicate with the property management. The property may not agree to the installation because it does not know about the photovoltaic power station, for fear of damaging the overall aesthetics of the villa area. However, reasonable communication and explanation with the property, general property will agree to install, Shanghai and other cities, villa roof has been gradually installed.
Another thing you need to be aware of is that if your villa area is a high-self-managed villa area, you may install a photovoltaic power station for your own use, not connected to the state grid.

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