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Shandong solar photovoltaic panel tells you how it generates electricity

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Solar photovoltaic panels have been widely used in life, industry and other fields. As long as they are made from renewable resources, they are highly energy efficient and pollution-free. How does it generate electricity? The small panel of shandong solar photovoltaic panel will share with you, hoping to help you.

The main principle of solar panels is the photoelectric effect of semiconductors. Photons illuminate to metal, its energy can be absorbed by all metal in an electronic, electronic absorption energy is enough big, can overcome the metal internal gravity work, left to escape from a metal surface, become a photoelectron. Silicon atoms have four outer electrons, and when doped with pure silicon atoms with five outer electrons, such as phosphorus atoms, they become n-type semiconductors. A p-type semiconductor is formed when three atoms of outer electrons, such as boron, are added to pure silicon. When the p-type and n-type are combined, the contact surface will form a potential difference and become a solar cell. When sunlight hits the p-n junction, the hole moves from the p-polar region to the n-polar region, and electrons move from the n-polar region to the p-polar region, forming a current.
The photoelectric effect of photovoltaic panels is the phenomenon of the potential difference between heterogeneous semiconductors or different parts of the semiconductor combined with metal. It is the process of converting photons (light waves) into electrons and light energy into electricity. Second, a voltage process is formed.
Polycrystalline silicon is made into silicon sheet to be processed after casting ingot, breaking ingot and slicing. P-N junction is formed by doping and diffusing a small amount of boron and phosphorus on the silicon wafer. Then use silk screen printing, will be fine with good silver paste printed on silicon gate line, after sintering, made back electrode at the same time, and in a grid line surface coated with a layer of antireflection coating on the cell is made at this point. The cells are arranged in a battery assembly that makes up a large circuit board. Generally, the aluminum frame around the component is covered with glass on the front and electrode on the back. With a battery pack and other accessories, a power generation system can be built. In order to convert dc to ac, a current converter needs to be installed. After power generation can be stored in batteries, or can be input into the public power grid. Battery components account for about 50 per cent of the cost of generating systems, and current converters, installation, other auxiliary components and other costs account for another 50 per cent.

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