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Xuchang solar pv module teaches you to install pv module

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Solar photovoltaic cells components such as storage, handling, installation process, shall not be collision or damaged, special attention should be paid to prevent component glass surface and on the back of the back by a direct hit from a hard material. Solar cell components shall be free from deformation, glass damage, scratches and cracks. Where to install the solar pv module? Below, xu chang solar pv module small unit to share for you, hope to help you.

1. It is strictly prohibited to install solar panels under severe weather conditions;
2. It is strictly prohibited to connect the positive and negative terminals of the connection wires of the same solar energy component.
3. It is strictly prohibited to touch the metal-electric part of solar energy component string;
4. Solar modules of the same size and size can be connected in series.
5. It will be prohibited to use the solar panel after it is damaged;
6. It is strictly prohibited to lift the component by pulling the junction box or connecting wires;
7. When installing the upper panel, pay attention to scratches on the panel's border during the handling process;
8, the construction site has been out of the panels should be flat on the face, pad with wooden pallet or panels at the bottom of the packaging, it is strictly prohibited standing, sideways, or impending, prohibit the component directly exposed to the sun on the back;
9. It is strictly prohibited to step on the panel to avoid component damage or personal injury; It is strictly prohibited to crush, collide or scratch the toughened glass of photovoltaic modules with sharp objects.
10. For components with an open circuit voltage of more than 50V, and components with a maximum rated voltage of more than 50V in the system, there shall be a conspicuous warning sign of electric shock danger near the component connection device.

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