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Why does solar cell piece have powdery fall off shaanxi solar photovoltaic panel

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Why does solar cell piece have powdery fall off? The small panel of shaanxi solar photovoltaic panel will share with you, hoping to help you.

In the process of component production, there is a powdery drop phenomenon of solar cells, mainly caused by the following reasons:
1. Improper storage
The material of grating line on the front and back of solar cell plate is sintered with precious metal slurry. Silver is a very vivid element and is easily oxidized by oxides. In solar cells apart after packing, the grid line in touch with air, oxygen will be for the silver oxide, oxide oxidation with air touch time is too long, easy to cause silver oxide powder, formation of the solar cell power attenuation.
2. Other reasons
In addition to the above reasons, there are also factors related to the production process of solar cell chips, such as :(1) the sintering temperature is not good. (2) the back of the silicon wafer is extremely greasy. (3) the printing is too thick or too thin. (4) the mixing time of the slurry or its own viscosity problems, etc., may cause the grid line or back field to fall down and affect the application of battery chips.

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