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Luoyang solar panels teach you to test the power attenuation of solar panels

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What is the rate of decay when a solar panel is running for a year and 25 years? It's been 25 years, and it's probably not as long as that. According to national standards, the two-year decay rate of crystalline silicon cells should be within 3.2%. But it's really hard to tell. How do you test the power attenuation of solar panels? The following luoyang solar panel small unit share for you, hope to help you.

1. The entering power of solar panel is calibrated with the laboratory standard light source and test environment, but it seems that there are certain differences between the standard light source of different manufacturers in China. The 250W component that was calibrated in factory A, and then in factory B, it might be 245W component.
2. The instrument used for on-site inspection is of poor accuracy, and it is said that the error within 5% is acceptable. Measuring 2% (1 year) attenuation with a 5% error meter is a bit difficult and the results are questionable.
3, the scene of the large difference with laboratory test conditions, just in 1000 w/m2, 25 ℃ have too little time! Therefore, it is necessary to convert a test value to a specification value, and the output power is positively correlated with the irradiance only within a small interval. Even at 800W/m2, it's not positively correlated. Therefore, in the transformation, there must be a mistake.
In addition, many solar panels may enter the field with a power error of -3%, which will disappear without decay.

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