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How to check the zhengzhou solar photovoltaic panel at home photovoltaic power station

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Rural areas have a large number of available roof, including home ownership greenhouses, and vegetables, fish ponds, etc., rural often in public power grids is not slightly, power quality is poorer, distributed photovoltaic (pv) system in the rural construction electricity protection and power quality can be improved, and the family roof and the balcony also is right choice, use of idle resources, such as the roof and balcony of electricity can receive state subsidies, redundant power can also be sold to the national grid at the same time, is not only a means of environmental protection, but also a stable investment stable way, stable investment for the loss of rural labor force of the elderly pension has the safeguard. How do you check a photovoltaic power station? The small panel of zhengzhou solar photovoltaic panel will share with you, hoping to help you.

(1) whether there is any shielding or not, no matter the size or location, do not despise it. If there is a small shielding, 90% of the power generation will be lost.
(2) whether there is a large amount of dust, turret, bird excrement and other dirt on the surface of the component, it should be cleaned timely -- only a soft cloth should be used for cleaning, dry or wet; It is recommended to clean in the morning or evening, so that the light is not strong and the component temperature is low.
(1) whether the bracket is rusty and bent;
(2) whether the fixing screws of all parts (bracket and component, bracket and base) are loose, rusty or damaged, and if necessary, they should be adjusted or replaced timely.
3、 cables
(1) photovoltaic power station cables should use special photovoltaic cables that can withstand harsh environment;
(2) components of cable arrangement is neat, behind the component junction box is carrying electricity cables, should hide in the bracket of (below), or for a long time the wind blows the rain insolation easy to aging, service life will be greatly reduced.
(3) check the splice pieces, connection of the cable plug instability or thrum exposed, if you have this kind of situation need timely treatment, avoid because of the wet weather or because of the rain and snow water cause a fire.
4.、Inverter, distribution box, meter, etc
(1) check whether the joints of all connections in the inverter are loose. If there is any false connection, it may cause fire, and it is necessary to contact the installer for maintenance in time.
(2) check whether the circuit breaker in the distribution box is working normally.
(3) check whether the photovoltaic meter is in arrears (turn on the yellow light). If there is any arrears, please pay to the power grid company in time, so as to avoid affecting the normal operation of the power station and delaying the benefits.

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