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Why is residential pv a "money-making machine" on your roof?

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Exclusive single family house in the village, and live in a house with a flat roof, tiled roofs, various forms, although the house is behind the high-rise buildings in town, but this is flatly light house, make rural household photovoltaic power station in the important battlefield. Why is home photovoltaic a "money-making machine" for your roof? Below shanxi solar panel small make up to share for everybody, hope to have some help to everybody

The investment of photovoltaic power station is the upper limit of tens of thousands of yuan, which can be determined according to the usable area of roof. Because for the villagers were more expensive, because each family may depend on crops or to work to earn some money is hard-won, the money, if we are to buy the cost of consumer goods is really a big, really belongs to the luxuries for the villagers, but photovoltaic power generation is not consumable, more is not consumer goods. It's clean energy and green products that can be used as a return on investment. Moreover, it is an investment with a steady profit and no loss. A project supported by the ministry of finance is also one of the important projects supported by the state for the poor families to escape poverty. Many rooftop business owners have installed photovoltaic power, saving on higher electricity bills. It makes the return on investment shorter and higher.
Issued by the state council on July 4, 2013, guofa [2013] no. 24, several opinions of the state council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. Article 7 in the improvement and support policies, it is clearly pointed out that the implementation period of online electricity price and subsidy is 20 years in principle.
In 2018, the energy bureau of the national development and reform commission issued the electricity tariff table for photovoltaic power generation
There may be some money in the hands of all the people in our village in the bank, the bank interest is negligible, the total income of this project can reach more than 300%. And photovoltaic power station on their roof installation, rest assured peace of mind is more intimate, this is more than the insurance investment profit, higher than bank interest, even more than raising a son to a certain extent "endowment", photovoltaic power plant investment is only tens of thousands of yuan, but the return on investment of more than 20 years. Photovoltaic power generation has a service life of more than 25 years.
In addition, photovoltaic power generation usually does not require human supervision, which can be said to be a profitable robot.
Occasionally you just have to clean it up a little bit to make sure you get a higher return.
Energy is an important material basis for social development and is vital to the country's prosperity and development, the improvement of people's lives and long-term social stability. Photovoltaic power is not only profitable but also environmentally friendly. It's also a for-profit charity.

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