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Join the photovoltaic power generation to pay attention to what zhengzhou too can board tell you

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Now have a photovoltaic power generation systems, it is using the solar energy, and solar energy is inexhaustible, but also green, no pollution, in improving the energy structure in our country has a very important role, now of photovoltaic power generation market has become very active. What should we pay attention to when joining pv power generation? Below zhengzhou too ability board small make share for everybody, hope to have some help to everybody.

1. When joining in pv power generation, it is important to pay attention to the brand reputation of pv power generation enterprises. In the photovoltaic industry there are thousands of enterprise, how to determine their strength, so it needs from the aspects of brand reputation, we could start with the top from the website to search and query the qualification conditions, as well as the evaluation of the Internet, and then choose a few home, to the scene investigation, this is also one of intuitive judgment method of the enterprise strength.
See if it suits your needs. Photovoltaic power generation company, no matter how good, but if not suitable for our own development, also is cannot choose, this can be from the market share, certification and warranty period to judge.
3. See how the franchise policy is. We are engaged in the pv power generation alliance, to ensure their own rights and interests, to make clear the joining policies and preferences, so as to reduce the risk of investment.
Look at the franchise fee. Most pv power generation franchisees require the franchisee to pay the franchise fee, which is also the threshold, is engaged in the photovoltaic power generation industry stepping stone. When you understand the cost of joining, you should also compare it with other supporting projects. Try not to choose too low or too high.

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