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How to choose the photovoltaic power generation tilt taiyuan solar pv module teach you

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For the grid-connected pv system with fixed installation, it is of great significance to select the appropriate square array tilt Angle to increase the power generation and thus improve the income of the whole project. So how do you choose the tilt Angle of photovoltaic power generation? The small panel of taiyuan solar pv modules will share with you, hoping to help you.

At present, in the engineering design of photovoltaic power station, there are three ways to the choice of more extensive application of bright dip, respectively is: the RETScreen and PVSystem software, and using Klein. S.A and Theilacker j.c. sky to the model formula.
Compare these three methods of calculation results, using different formula to the model and the sky using PVSystem computation, when the rake face is 37 °, annual total radiation on the surface of the slope; Using the RETScreen computation, when the rake face is 38 °, annual total radiation on the surface of the slope.
When the tilt Angle of pv array is low, it will save the amount of steel used by the scaffold and enhance its wind resistance. Moreover, the total radiation amount of the inclined plane with different angles will not change much near the good tilt Angle. Even if will choose a for 36 ° inclination, using different methods to calculate the rake face of radiation and the Angle difference in the following table.
It can be seen from the above table that the inclination Angle is selected near the good inclination Angle, and the total radiation amount on the inclined plane varies little. In the design of engineering project, any kind of good tilt Angle selection is adopted, and the result has little influence on the actual power generation of the project. Choosing different inclinations will affect the area of the project. In order to reduce the land area, a smaller inclination Angle can be chosen. At the same time, less land, corresponding cable, civil engineering investment will be reduced.

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